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About the Brand

A tribute to the modern woman and a celebration of her spirit – that’s what Escape By Aishwarya is all about. We are a designer women's wear brand founded by Aishwarya Jain, dedicated to providing everyday essentials with a touch of extraordinary.

At Escape, we believe that fashion is a medium of expression and an escape into a realm where creativity meets comfort. Our name is a testament to this ethos. 'Escape' symbolizes Aishwarya's happy place, and through our designs, we strive to make our garments a happy place for our customers too.

Our collections, including Bloom, Katha, and Classic, are characterized by minimalistic design, comfort, and versatility. From day to night wear, we offer a range of garments that seamlessly fit into the everyday life of the urban woman. At the heart of each piece is an appreciation for non-traditional attire that still maintains a sense of cultural values.

Quality is of utmost importance to us, and we maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that each garment is perfect. We offer standard sizes as well as customized fittings, catering to the unique needs and preferences of our customers.

Aishwarya's vision for Escape is simple yet grand – to make Escape a part of every woman's everyday essentials. We aim to build a global brand that retains its Indian roots. Our tagline, "Escaping into Extraordinary with one garment at a time", captures this vision and our commitment to providing exceptional pieces that bring joy to our customers.

In just five years, we've seen phenomenal growth. Today, Escape By Aishwarya collections are available at 45 designer stores across the country and through collaborations with 12 websites. We also host numerous exhibitions and pop-ups, making our garments accessible to a larger audience.

Come, join us on this exciting journey.
Escape into the extraordinary with us, one garment at a time.