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About The Founder


Born and raised in Jaipur, Aishwarya Jain now calls the bustling city of Mumbai her home. A woman of substance and style, she wears many hats, but her favourite is that of a fashion designer.

Aishwarya's journey into the world of fashion began at home, where she was part of a family engaged in the fashion industry. The passion for fashion was ingrained in her from an early age, and her family's dedication to quality and finish left a lasting impact on her.

To hone her skills, Aishwarya pursued a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Designing from Pearl Academy, Jaipur. Part of her course led her to the fashion capital of the world, Milan, where she studied at the renowned Domus Academy. Her academic journey not only equipped her with the technical skills required to excel in the field but also gave her a deeper understanding of the intricate world of fashion.

Inspired by her love for design and the need to escape the monotony of everyday life, Aishwarya founded her own brand, Escape. It symbolizes her happy place and she wants her designs to be the same for her customers.

Her design philosophy is simple and impactful: Minimalistic design, comfort clothing, day-to-night wear, and everyday essentials. She creates for the modern urban woman who appreciates non-traditional attire that still maintains a sense of cultural values.

Throughout her journey, Aishwarya has been recognized for her exceptional talent and dedication. Notable accolades include being a topper at Pearl Academy, winner of the Runway to New Zealand initiative in 2016, and the recipient of the Women's Achiever Award from a leading publication in India in 2023.

Her vision for Escape is grand yet relatable. She wishes to make Escape a part of every woman's everyday essentials, one garment at a time, and to build it as a global brand with Indian values.

Outside her work, Aishwarya is an outgoing person who loves to dance and enjoys socializing. Her lively personality is reflected in her vibrant designs that offer an escape into the extraordinary.